Vol. 4  No. 3  Summer 2007


C.B. ANDERSON began writing poems in 2003, at age 54. His work has appeared
in The Lyric, Iambs & Trochees, Sahara, The Chaffin Journal, Romantics
Quarterly and other journals. For twenty years he has been the gardener for the
PBS television series, The Victory Garden.

STEPHEN BAILY once edited a literary magazine but has since found more
lucrative employment—just barely—on the copy desk of a daily newspaper. A
one-act play he wrote in rhymed verse had a staged public reading in May at the
National Comedy Theatre in Manhattan.

GARY BECK’S poetry has appeared in dozens of literary magazines. His recent
fiction has been published in numerous literary magazines. His chapbook, The
Conquest of Somalia, will be published by Cervena Barva Press. His plays and
translations of Moliere, Aristophanes, and Sophocles have been produced Off-

GUY BELLERANTI writes short stories, poetry, humor, puzzles and articles. His
work has appeared in over 100 different publications for both adults and children.
His homepage on the web is: http://www.authorsden.com/guybelleranti.

MILLICENT BROWER is an actress, novelist, poet and journalist. After graduating
from Rutgers University, she acted on over one thousand radio and TV shows in
New York City. She is the author of a novel, Ingenue, a book of poetry for
children, I Am Going Nowhere, and two other books. Her poetry and articles have
appeared nationwide in various magazines and newspapers. Currently, she is a
theatre critic for Town & Village, a New York City weekly. She is completing a
book of limericks for children.

BRYCE CHRISTENSEN, who teaches writing and literature at Southern Utah
University, received his Ph.D. in English literature from Marquette University.
Author of Utopia Against the Family (Ignatius) and Divided We Fall (Transaction),
Dr. Christensen has published poetry in The Formalist, Christianity and
Literature, Modern Age and other journals and has had poetry anthologized in
Sonnets: 150 Contemporary Sonnets (University of Evansville Press, 2005) and
The Conservative Poets: A Contemporary Anthology (University of Evansville
Press, 2006). He was a finalist for the Howard Nemerov Sonnet Award in 2000.
His novel Winning is forthcoming in June from Whiskey Creek Press.

Possessing a Bachelor’s in History from Fordham University, NY, a Master’s in
Education from CCNY, a Master’s in English/Creative Writing from Queens
College, NY and the experience of an adulthood coming to terms with a neuro-
muscular disease, JOHN THOMAS CLARK'S poems have been/will be published in
The Recorder–Journal of the American-Irish Society by Derek Mahon and again
by Eamonn Grennan, Mediphors, Celtic Fringe, Exit 13, The Innisfree Poetry
Journal and Lachryma: Modern Songs Of Lament. His other writing
accomplishments include Othering–an unpublished manuscript of 150 sonnets
which addresses the journey of a person who others, who becomes “an other” as
he faces a burgeoning bodily breakdown because of a physical disability; The Joy
of Lex–an unpublished light-heated, upbeat romp of sixty-seven sonnets and a
crown which tells the story of life with his black lab Lex, the best service dog in
the world as it takes the reader through their training, their graduation, their
home life and life in the outside world; and The Captivity of St. Patrick–a 700
page novel which provides a window on fifth-century Ireland.

ELIZABETH J. COLEMAN'S poetry has been accepted for publication in The Lyric.
Her poems have also been published in The Phoenicia Times and Newstar
Philippines. She is the co-author of Commercial and Consumer Warranties:
Drafting, Performing and Litigating (New York: Matthew Bender & Co., 1987). A
public interest attorney with over thirty years’ experience in litigation and legal
management, Elizabeth is the founder and president of Professional Stress
Management Solutions, Ltd., and president of the Beatrice R. and Joseph A.
Coleman Foundation for environmental and social justice.

PHILLIP A. ELLIS edits the e-journal Calenture: A Journal of Studies in
Speculative Verse. It's over at http://calenture.fcpages.com/.

LEE EVANS was born in Maryland. After college, he held a variety of jobs,
including those of landscape laborer, floral delivery man, collection attendant for
Goodwill Industries and clerk at the Maryland State Archives. He has published
poems in such magazines as Romantic’s Quarterly, Carnelian, Waterways, The
Golden Lantern and PW Review. He is currently living in Bath, Maine with his wife.

MARC FORSTER is a librarian at a large English university where he teaches
nurses and midwives to use the Internet.

MARK FRANCIS publishes translations of classical Chinese verse as well as
original poems in university publications and the small press. He holds a Ph.D. in
Chinese from Stanford University, and has taught Chinese language and literary
culture in the U.S. and abroad for the last 12 years.

PENELOPE GALLOGLY, from St. Louis, MO, has been plying the craft of poetry for
several years now with a decided fondness for rhyme and meter. So far, a few of
her works can be found online at poetryrenewal.com under the pen name, Pen

MARCIA GOLUB is the author of two novels, Wishbone (a Discover Great New
Writers selection) and Secret Correspondence, as well as a book on writing, I'd
Rather Be Writing. Her story "The Child Downstairs" received an Open Voice
Award and was later anthologized in Narrative Design: A Writer's Guide to
Structure. Her unpublished novel Tale of the Forgotten Woman was a finalist for
the PEN/Nelson Algren Award and was twice nominated for the Editor's Book
Award/Pushcart Press. She has written book reviews for The New York Times and
The Baltimore Sun, and has taught at the Bread Loaf Writers Conference. She
now teaches at Writer's Voice in Manhattan.

GEORGE GOOD has taught English at the University of Kentucky and the
University of Akron. He has published poems recently in The Evansville Review,
Iambs & Trochees and Light.

PHILIP HIGSON lectured in history at Chester (England) for almost twenty years,
his speciality being the Renaissance. He has published eight collections of original
poetry, including his prize-winning Sonnets to My Goddess in this Life and the
Next, as well as books of verse translations from Baudelaire, Rollinat and
D'Annunzio, and he was a contributor to the anthologies Making Love: The
Picador Book of Erotic Verse, The Red Candle Treasury, and The Chester Poets
Anthologies. Poems by him have appeared in magazines, including A Bard Hair
Day, Critical Quarterly, Candelabrum Poetry Magazine, The Eclectic Muse,
Lexikon, Mandrake Poetry Review, Metverse Muse, Poet Tree and Rubies In The
Darkness. He was leader and anthologist of The Chester Poets group for twenty
years. He is a member of the Rollinat Society, and since 1992 he has been
President of the Baudelaire Society. He is engaged at present on a prose work,
the history of a family of Lancashire Dissenters, which is a more accessible
version of his doctoral thesis.

JEFF HOLT has previously published poetry in William Baer’s Sonnets: 150
Contemporary Sonnets, Measure, The Evansville Review, Rattapallax and Iambs
& Trochees, The Formalist, The Texas Review, Pivot, Cumberland Poetry Review,
Sparrow, and other journals.

While a student at the University of Arizona, STEFFEN HORSTMANN was recipient
of the Brooklyn Poetry Circle's National Student Award. He has been writing
essays and book reviews for the new Canadian journal Contemporary Ghazals.
His poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Baltimore Review, Blue Unicorn,
Meridian, Oyez Review, Pebble Lake Review and Texas Poetry Journal.

MARTINS IYOBOYI was born in 1972 in Nigeria and educated at the Bayero
University, Kano. His poems have appeared in Zone, The Flask Review, 63
Channels, The Bending Spoons and International Zeitschrift.

LELAND JAMIESON lives and writes in East Hampton, Connecticut, USA. Recent
and forthcoming work appears in numerous print and Internet poetry magazines.
His first book, 21st Century Bread, can be previewed and is available at http:

CLARE KIRWAN is based in Merseyside, England. Part of Liverpool's Dead Good
Poets Society, she performs her poetry widely and has been published in Orbis,
Iota, The Interpreter's House and MsLexia amongst others. Her web site is at

WESLEY LAMBERT lives and works in the Great Smoky Mountains foothills of east
Tennessee. His poetry or prose has appeared in numerous online and print
publications, including: Distant Passages, Paradox, Book of Dark Wisdom,
Amazing Journeys, The Sword Review, Abyss & Apex, Tales of the Talisman and
many others. He welcomes visits to his blog at: http://staroad.blogspot.com, or
comments at: socialcons1@aol.com.

RICK LIME'S poems have appeared in Light Quarterly. Under other names, he
has published in more than three dozen periodicals.

OKE MBACHU'S poems and book reviews have appeared, or are forthcoming, in
Astropoetica, Barbaric Yawp, Boxcar Poetry Review, Caveat Lector, DMQ Review,
Red River Review and elsewhere.

NICHOLAS MESSENGER had his first poems published in New Zealand as a
schoolboy. He won the Glover Poetry award in New Zealand in the 1970’s. In
2006 he has had poems published in About The Arts, Blackmail, Boloji, Coffee
Press Journal, High Altitude Poetry, Identity Theory, Jacket, Monkey Kettle, Off
Course, Pulsar, Taj Mahal Review, Web Poetry Corner and WOW. He has had a
few small one-man shows of his paintings. He was born in 1945, and after
completing a degree at Auckland University, travelled extensively in South
America, and lived in Europe for several years. For a long time he made his
living as a teacher, of science, art, and languages, in High Schools in New
Zealand, where he was a long-standing member of mountain Search and Rescue
organisation. Now, after nine years in Japan teaching English, he is running a
small home-stay business in Hokitika, New Zealand, with his Japanese wife. He
has two grown-up children from a previous marriage.

In a lifelong love affair with peace and obscurity, RICHARD MOORE has published
a novel, a book of essays, translations of plays by Plautus and Euripides, and ten
books of poetry, the first of which scared him to death by being nominated for a
Pulitzer Prize. His web site, www.moorepoetry.com, has fresh goodies every
Thursday. Richard has a new poetry book out, Sailing To Oblivion, published by
Light Quarterly. Checks (drawn on a U.S. bank) should be made out to Light
Quarterly, P.O. Box 7500, Chicago, IL 60680 ($12.95 Post Paid), and the book is
also available by charge (toll-free, VISA/MC, 1-800-285-4448). Another new
volume, Buttoned Into History, is available from Pivot Press.

THOMAS ORSZÁG-LAND is a poet and foreign correspondent. His rhyming poetry
has been published by The New York Times and The Formalist in New York and
his book reviews by The Times Literary Supplement and Poetry Review in London.

JACK PEACHUM—an actor & playwright also—is an elliptical poet—lyrical, not
fashionable, poison to editors everywhere. He has published poems in Lucidity
Magazine, Clark Street Review, NeoVictorian Cochlea, & has work soon to appear
in Off-the-Coast & The Powhatan Review.

LEE SLONIMSKY'S poems are recent or forthcoming in Blue Unicorn, The
Classical Outlook, Green Hills Literary Lantern, The Hurricane Review, Iambs &
Trochees, River Oak Review and Sulphur River Literary Review. He is the
manager of a hedge fund, Ocean Partners LP, and also teaches poetry writing at
The Writer's Voice of the West Side Y. Lee's new book of poetry is Pythagoras in
Love (Orchises Press, 2007), and copies are available through Amazon.

CARRIEANN THUNELL is an ecology and peace activist, backpacker, nature
photographer, artist, poet, and amateur landscape artist/gardener. She edited
the Nisqually Delta Review from February of 2005 through September of 2007.
She has appeared in over 82 journals. CAT has been published in Canada, New
Zealand, Australia, England, Scotland, Romania, and the USA. She was proud to
serve as the finalist judge for the long poetry division of the 2007 Frontiers in
Writing contest.

FRANCINE L. TREVENS has been writing—and selling—poetry for over 50 years.
Most recently her poems have appeared in Futures, Bibliophilos, Dovetail,
Sensations and online at Dana Literary. She is a native New Yorker who suffered
transplantation to “Messy Choose-its” in her childhood and didn't blossom again
until her return to New York. Having developed an appreciation of history, she
can now call her adoptive state Massachusetts, and even like parts of it. But her
nature, temperament and interests are as much a part of NYC as the throb of its
subways. After years as a theatre critic, director, publicist and playwright, she
has “retired” to write poems and stories. Francine's recent poetry collection A
Patio of Poems for Grown-ups is available from TnTClassicBooks.com.

ROBERT VILLANUEVA is an award-winning Kentucky author and former award-
winning journalist. His poems, short stories, essays and articles have been
featured in several print and online publications including The Summerset
Review, The Square Table, C/Oasis, AbsoluteWrite.com, The Heartland Review,
The Louisville Eccentric Observer, Snitch and the disaster-relief anthology Stories
of Strength, among other places. Additionally, Villanueva's story "A Scent Like
Daphne," which originally appeared in the online publication The Summerset
Review, was included in that publication's recently-released first-ever print issue
and has been nominated for the Million Writers Award.

WILLIAM WALDEN worked in the editorial department of The New Yorker for
many years, and left it to free-lance. He has lived all his life in New York City,
except for a 2 1/2-year stint in the Army and a 7-year residence on Long Island,
from both of which he has fully recovered.

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