Vol. 4  No. 3  Summer 2007

As I Prepare to Return to the Capital to Take Up a Post   Du Mu | Translated
  by Mark Francis
Bumfat's Rosary   Richard Moore | Listen
The Cat   Charles Baudelaire | Translated by Philip Higson
Cats   Charles Baudelaire | Translated by Philip Higson
Catalogue   Bryce Christensen
David's Lament for Absalom   Jack Peachum
Even the Flowers   Martins Iyoboyi
The Front Porch   Elizabeth J. Coleman | Listen
The Good Citizen   Stephen Baily
Grief At Work   Jeff Holt
Hawk Hypotenuse   Lee Slonimsky
Humankind?   Penelope Gallogly
I Am the Wheel   Stephen Baily
I'm Serious. I Have a Gun.   George Good
A Lesson in the Leaves   Francine L. Trevens | Listen
Limerick   Rick Lime
Limerick   Millicent Brower
The Lucky Charm   Stephen Baily
Memory Tricks   Guy Belleranti
Not as Fools Walk   Lee Evans | Listen
Ode to a Fan   George Good
On the Ninth Day, Climbing a Height   Du Mu | Translated by Mark Francis
Oracle   William Walden
The Pageant   Wesley Lambert
Parable of the Talons   Lee Slonimsky
Paralegal   C.B. Anderson
Pinpoint   William Walden
Planning?   Leland Jamieson | Listen
The Poet   Gary Beck | Listen
Poetics   John Thomas Clark
Prayer/Ode to the Anywhere Sun or, Fun with Fruits   Oke Mbachu
Quatrains   Phillip A. Ellis
Receiving Flowers   Nicholas Messenger
Summer's Circling Skirt of Chance   CarrieAnn Thunell | Listen
Synopsis   Robert Villanueva
The Three Bricklayers   Thomas Ország-Land
Wind Farm   Clare Kirwan
Winter's Tale   Marc Forster
Within the Walls   Steffen Horstmann
The Yogi Responds to America's Craze for Owning Pet Animals   Richard
  Moore | Listen


21st Century Bread by Leland Jamieson   Oke Mbachu
Pythagoras in Love by Lee Slonimsky   Marcia Golub

Contemporary Rhyme