Vol. 5  No. 1  Winter 2008

Before I Rest My Case   Michelle Tandoc-Pichereau
Beyond   Michael Fantina
Cain Confesses   Marcia Golub
A Child Speaks   Allen Lee Ireland
Clarity   Thomas Land
Day of Rest   Millicent Brower
Descent   Chris McNab
Durga Puja   Srinjay Chakravarti
The Enemy   Charles Baudelaire | Translated by Mark Francis
Equalizing   William Walden
Facsimile of a Snowman   Lee Evans | Listen
The Fish, the Sea and Me   Rumjhum Biswas
For Mature Audiences   C.B. Anderson
Ghost in the Garden   Michael Fantina
Godrevy Lighthouse, Cornwall   Philip Higson
Hard Currency   Frank De Canio
How It Goes   Francine L. Trevens | Listen
The Last Pitch of the Stair   Walter Nash
Love and Vanity   Lee Slonimsky
Medieval Students' Song   Eric Martin
Metaphor   Paul Fraleigh | Listen
Mother's Days   Penelope Gallogly
The Music of the Seasons   Paul Fraleigh | Listen
My Beautiful Anarchist   Philip Higson
Nanga Parvat   Srinjay Chakravarti
Post Mortem   Bryce Christensen
A Quintet of Quatrains in Blue-Green   B.L. Gifford
Reprisal   William Walden
Root   Gerald So
Scary Sight   Guy Belleranti
Snubbed   William Walden
Soapbox   E. Porter Graham
The Song of the Rat—A Ballad   Johann Wolfgang von Goethe | Translated by
 Eric Martin
Sonnet: Danse Macabre (circa, 1602)   Jack Peachum
Those Special Times   Philip Higson
Visitation of the Dead   Eric Martin
War Games   Melanie Houle
Weather   Lee Slonimsky

Contemporary Rhyme