Editor, Richard Geyer

I have a self-designed B.A. in English and Scandinavian Literature (1989) from the
University of Minnesota and an M.I.L.S. (1990) from the University of Michigan,
where I also studied Old English.  I have been a librarian at a small liberal arts
college in Michigan since 1991.  I've had poetry published in a number of
periodicals, including Candelabrum Poetry Magazine (UK), Journal of the Thomas
Lovell Beddoes Society (UK) and frisson: disconcerting verse (US).
 I developed a
website on the 19th century British author Thomas Lovell Beddoes -- it's over at
http://www.phantomwooer.org -- and I've published a number of bibliographical
articles in the Thomas Lovell Beddoes Society's annual publication.  My biography
has been included in recent editions of Who's Who in America and Who's Who in the


Personal website: http://www.richardgeyer.com
Contemporary Rhyme