Vol. 4  No. 1  Winter 2007


C.B. ANDERSON began writing poems in 2003, at age 54. His work has appeared
in The Lyric, Iambs & Trochees, Sahara, The Chaffin Journal, Romantics
Quarterly and other journals. For twenty years he has been the gardener for the
PBS television series, The Victory Garden.

PETER AUSTIN lives in Toronto, with his wife, 3 daughters and too many pets,
where he teaches English at Seneca College. In his spare time, he writes poetry
and plays.

GUY BELLERANTI writes short stories, poetry, humor, puzzles and articles. His
work has appeared in over 100 different publications for both adults and children.
His homepage on the web is: http://www.authorsden.com/guybelleranti.

MICHAEL R. BURCH is the editor of The HyperTexts, on-line at www.
thehypertexts.com, where he has published the work of three Pulitzer Prize
nominees and recent winners of the T.S. Eliot, Richard Wilbur and Howard
Nemerov awards. He has three Pushcart nominations, and his poetry has been
translated into Farsi (Iranian) and Gjuha Shqipe (Albanian) by Farideh
Hassanzadeh Mostafavi, Dr. Mahnaz Badihian, Rahel Yahia and Majlinda Bashllari.
His work has appeared in literary journals and sundry publications which include
Light Quarterly, The Lyric, Poet Lore, The Chariton Review, Piedmont Literary
Review, The New Formalist, Writer’s Digest–The Year’s Best Writing, The
Neovictorian/Cochlea, Mandrake Poetry Review, The Best of the Eclectic Muse
1989-2003 and Iambs & Trochees.

A native of Pittsburgh, PA, JANET BUTLER relocated to the Bay Area after living in
central Italy for many years. She arrived in lovely San Francisco with her
suitcase in one hand and Fulmi-dog in the other, a beautiful Springer Spaniel
“mix” she rescued from an Italian dog pound. While enjoying the many beauties
of Italy, she managed to find time to be serious: she collaborated with a local
poet, Romeo Giuli, in the translation of his poetry from 1997 to 2003, and a
selection of these poems was published by Solveig Publishing, Sienna, Italy. Ms.
Butler then decided it was time to dedicate herself to her own creative writing.
Her poems have since been published in Scrivener’s Pen, ken*again,
Underground Voices, Mannequin Envy, ForPoetry, Flutter, The Green Muse, Wild
Violet, Slow Trains and others. Future publications will include Erosha, The
California Quarterly, and The Indented Pillow, 2008. Ms. Butler’s poetry and
watercolors may be seen at http://www.janetleebutler.com.

Born where vampires are rumored to exist, COMATETA (Co-ma-tea-tah) M.
CLIFTON lives among the bayous where mosquitoes can be saddled and Spanish
moss droops from oak trees. From the cypress swamps of Louisiana, she enjoys
reading and writing speculative and crime fiction, mostly. Her recent fiction has
appeared in the Twisted Cat Tales anthology. She invites you to visit her online
at www.geocities.com/black_ink_tales.

ELIZABETH J. COLEMAN'S poetry has been published in the Phoenicia Times, and
Newstar Philippines, and she has read from her memoir at KGB Bar. She is co-
author of Commercial and Consumer Warranties: Drafting, Performing and
Litigating (New York: Matthew Bender & Co., 1987). Ms. Coleman is an attorney,
president of Professional Stress Management Solutions, Ltd., and President of the
Beatrice R. and Joseph A. Coleman Foundation for environmental and social
justice. She has served as Vice-Chair of President Clinton’s Export Council,
national civil rights director at the Anti-Defamation League, and Executive
Director of the New York State Trial Lawyers Association. She is a graduate of
Swarthmore College and the University of Pennsylvania Law School, and a
recipient of the New York Women’s Agenda 2004 Star Award and NOW New York’
s Woman of Power & Influence Award.

FRANK DE CANIO has been published in more than 30 magazines (and/or e-
zines); Danger, Pleiades, Red Owl, Nuthouse, Love's Chance, Words of Wisdom,
Rook publishing; with Hazmat, Medicinal Purposes, Blue Unicorn and Ship of Fools
pending. He is on the web at POETZ and Thick with Conviction.

KEVIN IAN DUTTON was born in 1975, in Manchester, a city in the northwest of
England, where he still lives now. He started writing poetry at college, and
continued through university and afterwards until the present day, his poems
being a vast array of shot in the dark ideas on a great variety of subjects, some
personal, some political, some controversial. He describes his work as a
reflection of the life experiences gained during some very turbulent and eventful
times, both for the world and for himself.

PHILLIP A. ELLIS edits the e-journal Calenture: A Journal of Studies in
Speculative Verse. It's over at http://calenture.fcpages.com/.

LEE EVANS was born in 1950 in Annapolis, Maryland, and has resided in that
state all his life. He has been married for twenty one years, and is employed at
the Maryland State Archives. Besides the writing of poetry, his interests include
the American Transcendentalists, the English Romantics, philosophy and Eastern
Religion. He has had poems published in Romantics Quarterly, Blind Man's
Rainbow, Lucid Moon and on the Poetseers and Ellopos web sites. The Maryland
State Archives has published several of his poems in its monthly newsletter, The
Archivist's Bulldog.

MICHAEL FANTINA has had dozens of poems published over the past two
decades both here in the US and in the UK. His verse has appeared in The Lyric,
Candelabrum, Romantics Quarterly, The Book of Eibon and many others.

JAMES FEICHTHALER is a poet with a love for nature, Celtic Literature and the
classics, and his work has most recently appeared in magazines and journals
such as The Raintown Review, Candelabrum, and The Eclectic Muse.

MARC FORSTER is a librarian at a large English university where he teaches
nurses and midwives to use the Internet.

PENELOPE GALLOGLY, from St. Louis, MO, has been plying the craft of poetry for
several years now with a decided fondness for rhyme and meter. So far, a few of
her works can be found online at poetryrenewal.com under the pen name, Pen

PHILIP HIGSON lectured in history at Chester (England) for almost twenty years,
his speciality being the Renaissance. He has published eight collections of original
poetry, including his prize-winning Sonnets to My Goddess in this Life and the
Next, as well as books of verse translations from Baudelaire, Rollinat and
D'Annunzio, and he was a contributor to the anthologies Making Love: The
Picador Book of Erotic Verse, The Red Candle Treasury, and The Chester Poets
Anthologies. Poems by him have appeared in magazines, including A Bard Hair
Day, Critical Quarterly, Candelabrum Poetry Magazine, The Eclectic Muse,
Lexikon, Mandrake Poetry Review, Metverse Muse, Poet Tree and Rubies In The
Darkness. He was leader and anthologist of The Chester Poets group for twenty
years. He is a member of the Rollinat Society, and since 1992 he has been
President of the Baudelaire Society. He is engaged at present on a prose work,
the history of a family of Lancashire Dissenters, which is a more accessible
version of his doctoral thesis.

JULEIGH HOWARD-HOBSON'S rhymed poetry has appeared in The Raintown
Review, The Hypertexts, The Old Heathen's Almanac 2006, Flipside, On The Wing,
The Australian Women’s Weekly, Seven Cups of Coffee, The Girls Book of
Success [a child's poem] (Little Brown), Bewildering Stories, Macquarie University
Arena (Australia), Odin's Gift, Focus, Saczine, 9 to 5, Idunna, The Voice, and
Shatter Colors Literary Review. Along with other awards, she's won the
prestigious Australian Returned Serviceman's League's ANZAC Day Award for
poetry. She holds a gold medal for poetry, as well as a silver for short fiction,
from the MacArthur Arts Festival (Australia). A curtailed sonnet of hers recently
took second place in the Formal Poetry section of the Illinois State Poetry Society
2006 Contest. She is the co-editor of, and contributor to, the Arets Vakreste
Boker 2004 award-winning Norwegian-press literary collection Undertow. Other
writing of hers has recently appeared in Practice Apartment, Low Hug, Dead
Letters, The Australian Reader, Writer2writer.com, The Willamette Writer,
Aesthetica Magazine, R-KV-RY Journal, The Arabesques Print Review (Algiers),
and The Non-Euclidean Cafe Journal among other places. She has rhymes
forthcoming in Strong Verse, Mezzo Cammin, Workers Write!, Champagne
Shivers 2007, Appalling Limericks, and Poem, Revised. Prose work of hers is
scheduled to appear in Going Down Swinging (Australia), Dead Can Dance,
Loving The Undead, Her Circle Ezine, and War Journal: Dispatch One.

While a student at the University of Arizona, STEFFEN HORSTMANN was recipient
of the Brooklyn Poetry Circle's National Student Award. He has been writing
essays and book reviews for the new Canadian journal Contemporary Ghazals.
His poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Baltimore Review, Blue Unicorn,
Meridian, Oyez Review, Pebble Lake Review and Texas Poetry Journal.

LELAND JAMIESON, a performing arts center manager for most of his working
life, now retired, lives and writes in East Hampton, Connecticut, USA. His recent
and forthcoming work appears in numerous print and Internet poetry magazines.
He has gathered 50 of the best of his published formal poems (texts with optional
streaming audio) under the title of 21st Century Bread on a newly redesigned
website at www.geocities.com/lelandjamieson. He is hawking a longer book
manuscript by the same name.

CLARE KIRWAN is based in Merseyside, England. Part of Liverpool's Dead Good
Poets Society, she performs her poetry widely and has been published in Orbis,
Iota, The Interpreter's House and MsLexia amongst others. Her web site is at

JOSEPH V. KLEPONIS lives north of Boston and is a teacher of English and
American literature. In 2005 he won second prize in the Lawrence Eagle Tribune
Spring Poetry Contest sponsored by the Frost Foundation, and he will have a
poem appearing in a future issue of the Boston Literary Magazine.

JAY KRISHNAN has been writing since he was seven. His first work appeared in
newspapers at 10. Further he was part of a poet’s international fraternity and
became part of many anthologies, journals and meets (Deccan Herald, Poets
International, Contemporary Poets anthology…). He loves lyrical rhyming poetry.
He has compiled his first book (Nirvana Priya-The hymn of the song bird). He
dreams of getting it published.

OKE MBACHU writes and schools in Chicago, Illinois. His recent poems appear in
Astropoetica, Barbaric Yawp, Caveat Lector, DMQ Review, Red River Review and
others. Two constants in his daily life rhyme: poetry, oxygen. (Close enough.)

M.L. MCCARTHY is a formalist poet who was born in Liverpool. He comes from an
Irish immigrant family. He read Latin at Liverpool, lived by doing various manual
jobs for about ten years, and then became a back-room journalist. He is the
editor of Candelabrum (f. 1970), Britain's longest established formalist fringe
poetry magazine. His interests include English, French, Latin and German
literature, theatre, cinema, classical music, fell-walking and animals' rights.

In a lifelong love affair with peace and obscurity, RICHARD MOORE has published
a novel, a book of essays, translations of plays by Plautus and Euripides, and ten
books of poetry, the first of which scared him to death by being nominated for a
Pulitzer Prize. His web site, www.moorepoetry.com, has fresh goodies every
Thursday. Richard has a new poetry book out, Sailing To Oblivion, published by
Light Quarterly. Checks (drawn on a U.S. bank) should be made out to Light
Quarterly, P.O. Box 7500, Chicago, IL 60680 ($12.95 Post Paid), and the book is
also available by charge (toll-free, VISA/MC, 1-800-285-4448).

While JAMES B. NICOLA has been published in over a dozen journals (most
recently California Quarterly, Toe Tree Journal, and the Raintown Review;
upcoming in Art Times, Lyric, Ancient Paths, Wisconsin Review, Iron Horse, and
Nimrod), and won a Dana Literary Award, he is a stage director by profession
and author of Playing the Audience (APPLAUSE BOOKS 2002), which won a
CHOICE Award as one of the year's outstanding books.

THOMAS ORSZÁG-LAND is a poet and foreign correspondent. His rhyming poetry
has been published by The New York Times and The Formalist in New York and
his book reviews by The Times Literary Supplement and Poetry Review in London.

REBECCA R. PIERCE was born in Oakland, California in 1974 but moved to
Georgia in 1989. She's been writing poetry since the age of seven, and it has
been her addiction ever since. Author of Waves from My Oddest Sea (published
in 2004), she is currently working on an epic poem based on the Greek myth of
Cupid and Psyche, the third in her epic poetry series. Lastly, she just started an
online poetry workshop, (Turn of Verse) where poets can come together to
discuss famous works (as well as not-so-famous ones) and write a poem utilizing
the themes and styles of that particular discussion.

MARK RHOADS teaches music at Bethel University in St. Paul, Minnesota and has
poems published or forthcoming in The Neovictorian/Cochlea and Snakeskin. A
selection of his poetry and links to some of his scholarly work including his
Anthology of the American Hymn-Tune Repertory: The Colonial Era to the Civil
War can be found at http://www.markrhoads.com. Mark and his wife live in Lino
Lakes, Minnesota.

GERALD SO'S recent poetry has or will appear in Lunatic Chameleon, Mouth Full
of Bullets, and Cherry Bleeds.

CARRIEANN THUNELL edits the Nisqually Delta Review. She has been published in
over 75 journals, including Bellowing Ark, Raintown Review, Centrifugal Eye, The
Aurorean, Penwood Review, etc. Her work has been published in 7 countries. She
has been a guest editor of the Santa Fe Broadsides. She will be judging the long
poetry division of the 2007 Frontiers in Writing contest.

FRANCINE L. TREVENS has been writing—and selling—poetry for over 50 years.
Most recently her poems have appeared in Futures, Bibliophilos, Dovetail,
Sensations and online at Dana Literary. She is a native New Yorker who suffered
transplantation to “Messy Choose-its” in her childhood and didn't blossom again
until her return to New York. Having developed an appreciation of history, she
can now call her adoptive state Massachusetts, and even like parts of it. But her
nature, temperament and interests are as much a part of NYC as the throb of its
subways. After years as a theatre critic, director, publicist and playwright, she
has “retired” to write poems and stories.

SIOVAHN AMANDA WALKER is a British writer and historian who lives in New York
City. She specializes in writing historical fiction that is infused with modern
themes. Specifically, she composes lesbian and women's literature in increasingly
neglected genres, such as the Italian sonnet or Arthurian verse epic, and is
currently completing her Ph.D. in medieval history from Stanford University.

GRACE E. WELCH, a Canadian, was educated at University of Waterloo, where
she received an honors degree in Rhetoric and Professional Writing in 1992. She
lives and works in Bermuda where she is a project manager for a multi-national
corporation. Several of her poems appear in the 2006 Bermuda Anthology of
Poetry (edited by Mervyn Morris). She recently won first place and "best in show"
in the 2006 David Raine Memorial Poetry Competition, for her poem "Return of
the Turtle."

GAIL WHITE has been active in the Formalist Poetry movement from its early
days. She appeared in 2006 in the anthologies Writing Metrical Poetry, Hurricane
Blues, and Chance of a Ghost, and an essay on her work appeared at www.
mezzocammin.com. She lives in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana, and can be reached at

Contemporary Rhyme