Vol. 4  No. 1  Winter 2007

at the gates   Janet Butler
Bite Your Tongue   Guy Belleranti
Bladder   Marc Forster
Bouquet   Joseph V. Kleponis | Listen
A Call for Poetry to Ennoble the Marketplace   Richard Moore | Listen
Eleanor (Middlesex, c. 1435)   Siovahn Amanda Walker | Listen
Fall Morning   Francine L. Trevens | Listen
Flight Control   Penelope Gallogly
The Garden Song   Mark Rhoads
Gauge of Consent   C.B. Anderson
Goodwill Hunting   Peter Austin
The Great Ship of English Lit Has Run Aground   CarrieAnn Thunell | Listen
The Housecleaner   Gail White
I Envy Not   Philip Higson
If I Were a Bell   Thomas Ország-Land
Let Him So Moved   Philip Higson
Lines Written in Sympathy   Richard Moore | Listen
Maps   Kevin Ian Dutton
The Miser   Rebecca R. Pierce
No Reprieve   Frank De Canio | Listen
No River, Time   Francine L. Trevens | Listen
One Man's Meat   C.B. Anderson
A Paradoxical Refutation of Eternity   Oke Mbachu
Premiere Snowman   Lee Evans | Listen
Priestess   James B. Nicola
Rain   Steffen Horstmann | Listen
Rain on Sunday Afternoon   M.L. McCarthy
Respice Finem   Juleigh Howard-Hobson
Romancing Baseball   Elizabeth J. Coleman | Listen
Shell Game   Leland Jamieson | Listen
The Snow Queen   Michael Fantina
So Many Things I Should Be Doing   Clare Kirwan | Listen
Sonnet   James Feichthaler
Star Rider   Michael Fantina
Surprise Party   Gerald So
A Thousand Prodigal Sons   Jay Krishnan | Listen
To Sho-U (Ms N.O.)   M.L. McCarthy
Unheeded Advice   Phillip A. Ellis
A Wedding   Peter Austin
What Happened to Jane Doe   Grace E. Welch
The Widow   Comateta M. Clifton | Listen
Winter   Michael Burch


Buttoned Into History by Richard Moore   Oke Mbachu
Hapax by A.E. Stallings   Steffen Horstmann
Pythagoras in Love by Lee Slonimsky   Oke Mbachu

Contemporary Rhyme