Vol. 3  No. 3  Summer 2006

[ --- ]   William Walden
Almost   Philip Higson
At Speech's End   Leland Jamieson | Listen
The Awakening   Lee Evans | Listen
The Ballad of the Lonely City Drover   Barbara A. Taylor | Listen
Belly Button Fluff   Peter Austin | Listen
The Bookseller   Garland Strother
Bordello   Michael Fantina
Cape Cod   Lee Evans | Listen
Child's Play   Claudia Burbank | Listen
Concurrences, Part I   Michael Neal Morris | Listen
Cosmic Wine   Bruce Boston | Listen
Dear Poet   James Feichthaler
Deep Druid Eyes   James Feichthaler
Evening Primrose   Elizabeth J. Coleman | Listen
Exits   Francine L. Trevens | Listen
Fishing   Garland Strother
The Foe   Charles Baudelaire | Translated by Robert John Sklenar | Listen
Friend Farewell   Francine L. Trevens | Listen
Glass Ballerinas   Michael Fantina
Happy Landings   Guy Belleranti
The Heart That Beats   Brendan Clark | Listen
Homage to Edgar Allan Poe   Millicent Brower
In Central Park   Elizabeth J. Coleman | Listen
In the High House   Jack Peachum | Listen
Insomnia   Julia Peachum | Listen
Letter To Us   Lee Slonimsky | Listen
The Love Song of Alfred   Peter Austin | Listen
A Lover's Complaint   M.L. McCarthy
My Little Empire   Kevin Ian Dutton
Old Walking Stick   Jim Barton | Listen
Opus 1816   Phillip A. Ellis
Opus 2305   Phillip A. Ellis
Our Terrier the Galvanometer   Leland Jamieson | Listen
Pebbles   Lee Slonimsky | Listen
Poem (spark of fire in a dark field)   Oke Mbachu
The Poem That Woke Me   Gerald So | Listen
Poets' anthem (our babies)   Oke Mbachu
Question for Theatregoers   William Walden
The Renegade   Philip Higson
Say the Records at Grosser Arber   Claudia Burbank | Listen
Shadow Land   John Vieczorek | Listen
She-Loves-Me Knot   Jim Barton | Listen
Singing Lesson   Guy Belleranti
Sought   Francine L. Trevens | Listen
Telecom's Bequest   Mark Rhoads
To an Inspiring Muse   Philip Higson
Villanelle   Steffen Horstmann | Listen
A Visit to the Dentist   Peter Austin | Listen
What Now, Emily?   Penelope Gallogly
Whine & Wane   Thomas Ország-Land


Darkness and Light by Kevin Dutton   Oke Mbachu
Darkness and Light by Kevin Dutton   Hannah Miller

Contemporary Rhyme