Vol. 3  No. 1  Winter 2006

Advice to a Chum   William Walden
An American Sonnet   Mike Marks
Angel's Lips   Spencer Ledyard
Aroused   Pamela A. Lamppa
Auf Flügeln des Gesanges   Heinrich Heine | Translated by Phillip A. Ellis
Aus Meinen Tränen Sprießen   Heinrich Heine | Translated by Phillip A. Ellis
Balzac   Philip Higson
The Banquet   Thomas Ország-Land
Beyond the Cairn   Michael Fantina
Big Ideas (A Dialogue for Two Scholars)   Mark Rhoads
The Blaster   William Walden
Body Fight   Francine L. Trevens
Carpe Diem   M.L. McCarthy
Cat Chat   Guy Belleranti
Dead Reckoning   J.D. Heskin
The End of Day   James Feichthaler
The Farmer   Jim Barton
Fire Goddess, Needling   Leland Jamieson
Fires Burning Still   Jim Barton
Flight Chief   Mark Rhoads
Flutter By   Gordon Ramel
The Garden   Jim Barton
Ghost Ivy   Mike Marks
Graveside Lines for Swift's Guardian Angel   Richard Moore
Gutted   Philip Higson
Ha' Penny in the Purse   Francine L. Trevens
Hallmark Moments   Lee Evans
Hermit   Lee Slonimsky
Hieroglyphs of Light   Lee Slonimsky
Higher Yield   Mark Rhoads
Invisible   Don Thompson
Lady Butterfly   Christine R. Senter
Lemon   Dalani Warner
Light, Painter, Atom   Lee Slonimsky
The Limits of Technology   Richard Moore
Lonesome Old Graveyard   Lee Evans
The Lost   Gwen Hart
Die Lotosblume Ängstigt   Heinrich Heine | Translated by Phillip A. Ellis
The Lover   James Feichthaler
Manticore   Michael Fantina
Missing Link: Ung   Lee Slonimsky
Mobius Was Right   J.B. Mulligan
Mortification   C.B. Anderson
Mosaic Us   Leland Jamieson
The Muse's Jewels   M.L. McCarthy
The Neckan   Erik Johan Stagnelius | Translated by Martin Andersson and Phillip
  A. Ellis
A Need   Damon D. Brewer
Never a Lord Was There   Michael Fantina
Night   Tobi Hirsch
The Old McLemore Place   Jim Barton
Pause Thought   Francine L. Trevens
Portrait of a Nude Model   Bruce Boston
Promontory Near the Tappan Zee   Lee Slonimsky
Rigorous Selection   Philip Higson
Roommate   C.B. Anderson
Ruined Treasure   T. Jardim
Sad Sonnetto   M.L. McCarthy
A Salute to Ralph Waldo   Richard Moore
Savant   Michael Fantina
Signs of Spring   Gwen Hart
A Smile on Nature's Face   Leland Jamieson
So Long, Darling   Guy Belleranti
Song of Ambition   Francine L. Trevens
Sorting Things Out   C.B. Anderson
The Specious Age   J.D. Heskin
A Tasteless Foretaste   Richard Moore
That Thing I Did   J.D. Heskin
This Early Evening   Mike Marks
This River Black   Douglas Sherman
To the Attic   Guy Belleranti
Transmutation   Philip Higson
The Truth of Beauty   James Feichthaler
The Unhappies   William Walden
United States of the Android   Lee Evans
Unmanned Lighthouses   Philip Higson
The Unmoved Mover   Richard Moore
Untitled   Mike Marks
Valentine   Gwen Hart
Vital Meaning   Mark Rhoads
Die Wälder und Felder Grünen   Heinrich Heine | Translated by Phillip A. Ellis
Wonderful People   Francine L. Trevens
Years Later   Don Thompson

Contemporary Rhyme