Vol. 4  No. 4  Fall 2007

Guest Editor, Phillip A. Ellis

Abomination   Penelope Gallogly
Action Still   Mark Rhoads
The Albatross   Charles Baudelaire | Translated by Philip Higson
Animus   William Walden
At Qi'an Prefecture in Late Autumn   Du Mu | Translated by Mark Francis
Ban   William Walden
Bathsheba   Michael Fantina
Boat   James B. Nicola
Boohoo or, Oblivion Found   Oke Mbachu
Brachiopod   Dawn Corrigan
The Cat   Charles Baudelaire | Translated by Philip Higson
Circumnavigator   Allen Lee Ireland
Curse of the Amazon's Husband   Bruce Boston
Election Day, 2004: An Esthetic Consideration   Richard Moore | Listen
Elevation   Charles Baudelaire | Translated by Philip Higson
Egrets   Du Mu | Translated by Mark Francis
Epigrams   Ron Singer
Fall Housecleaning   Leland Jamieson | Listen
Fiat Tenebrae   Emrys Westacott
Follies   E. Porter Graham
The Garage   Kathryn Jacobs
Gnat Yacht   James Feichthaler
The Gorilla Hunter   Nicholas Messenger
Hearing Aid   Guy Belleranti
The Human Condition   R.L. Kennedy
I Am That   Serena Spinello
Jason   Bryce Christensen
Limerick   Rick Lime
Makeover   Walter Nash
Malgudi   Srinjay Chakravarti
Mary, Mary   Nina Alvarez
Medieval Peasants' Song   Johann Wolfgang von Goethe | Translated by
  Eric Martin
Models Needed   C.B. Anderson
Modern Mythology   Bruce Boston
Moth   Emrys Westacott
Mumbo-Jumbo Modern Poems   Francine L. Trevens | Listen
Nietzsche   Nina Alvarez
Older Now   Walter Nash
Out of the Sun   Chris McNab
A Particular Truth—1941   Peg Duthie
The Pauli Effect   Peg Duthie
Peikoff's Sentence   Allen Lee Ireland
Presidents on Parade (1945-?)   George Good
Raptors   Bryce Christensen
Riposte   Bryce Christensen
Role Model   Stephen Baily
The Romance of Reading   Stephen Baily
A Secret (The Sonnet of Arvers)   Félix Arvers | Translated by Robert John
The Snake Charmer   Vi Ransel
Summer in the City   Chris McNab
A Tango for Guinevere   Walter Nash
Tell Me Where Ambition Dwells   Ron Singer
There Go My Toes   Frank Hubeny
tracing   KC Wilder
Two Civil War Letters   J. Patrick Lewis
Waiting for the Monsoon   Srinjay Chakravarti
Weeping Willow   Amy Mackiewicz
William Beau Dare   J. Patrick Lewis


21st Century Bread by Leland Jamieson   Steffen Horstmann

Contemporary Rhyme