Vol. 4  No. 2  Spring 2007

Backyard Blues   Bryon D. Howell
Beaver Kill, Roscoe NY   Lee Slonimsky
Call to Arms   Leland Jamieson | Listen
Cicada   Lee Evans | Listen
Clock-Talk   M.L. McCarthy
The Dark Horseman   Michael Fantina
Due to an Irrefutable Lack of Dildo Poems   K.R. Copeland | Listen
Duel   Lee Slonimsky
Duocorn   Phillip A. Ellis
Echoes   Steffen Horstmann | Listen
The Enchanted Lake   Michael Fantina
Evan's Visit   William Walden
The Family Fool   Jack Peachum
The Forest Ghost   Bruce Boston
Fourth Wall   Gerald So
Fur Shame   Penelope Gallogly
Gloom in Bloom   Richard Moore | Listen
The Grandson   Jeff Holt
The Haunting   Jeff Holt
Here I Have Found Life   CarrieAnn Thunell
Inaction   C.B. Anderson
Knowledge   Francine L. Trevens | Listen
Lamb   Kevin Ian Dutton
Lap Dance   John Thomas Clark
Limerick   Millicent Brower
Lines Written in Awe of My Departing Tenant's Accomplishments   Richard
  Moore | Listen
My Most Painful Howl   Rebecca R. Pierce
A 'Nukilar' Disaster   Peter Austin | Listen
Our Natures   Philip Higson
The Passing of Laura   Philip Higson
Pastoral   Frank De Canio | Listen
Plum and Green   Peter Austin | Listen
Poem for Elizabeth, III (Boston, 1870)   Siovahn Amanda Walker | Listen
Rendezvous   Gail White
The Roast Beef Hour   Long-Skirts | Listen
Shakespeare   Bryce Christensen
Skin Deep   Kurt Metzler
The Straight Story   Guy Belleranti
Summoning Arms   Francine L. Trevens | Listen
Techno-Gridlock   Stephanie L. Kemp
That Love That Has No Name   Siovahn Amanda Walker | Listen
Theater of the Drab Word   C.B. Anderson
Thirst   Robert Villanueva
To a Reader   Jeffrey Woodward
To Du Fu on 14th August c. 750 A.D.   M.L. McCarthy
The Toast   Michael Burch
Transitions   Patrick Birdener
travelogue   KC Wilder
Visit   Elizabeth J. Coleman | Listen
The Water-Weaver   Nigel Holt
Whoppers   Peter Austin | Listen
Words   Comateta M. Clifton | Listen

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