Vol. 3  No. 4  Fall 2006

The Boasts of Amergin   James Feichthaler
A Concord Hymn   Jim Barton | Listen
Couplets for Ray   Garland Strother
Dial 911   Guy Belleranti
Dreamland   Michael Fantina
Ghazal of the Suicide   Steffen Horstmann | Listen
Ghosts   Michael Fantina
The Highest Hope   Philip Higson
A Homicide Detective Contemplates Evolution   Lee Slonimsky | Listen
In Memoriam Jack Harvey   M.L. McCarthy
Limerick   Millicent Brower
Lining Silver   William Walden
Moonlight Flit   Peter Austin | Listen
The (Mostly) Vegetarian   Leland Jamieson | Listen
On Seeing a Groundhog Dead in the Road   James Feichthaler
On Watteau's Fêtes Galantes   Philip Higson
One Way   Francine L. Trevens | Listen
Opus 1738   Phillip A. Ellis
Opus 2291   Phillip A. Ellis
Our Last Communion   Lee Evans | Listen
Pythagoras and Apollo   Lee Slonimsky | Listen
The Rose   Jim Barton | Listen
The Shadow in November   Lee Evans
Shopper's Delight   Guy Belleranti
Small Town Waiting Rooms   Garland Strother
Sole Survivor   Francine L. Trevens | Listen
The Sound and the Picture   Peter Austin | Listen
Suburbia   Claudia Burbank | Listen
Thievery   Penelope Gallogly
Thirst Drives Us All   Leland Jamieson | Listen
To Ride the Beast Too Often   Bruce Boston | Listen
Trance/end-ence (A View of the Heavens)   Oke Mbachu
A Wary Ode   Elizabeth J. Coleman | Listen

Contemporary Rhyme