Vol. 3  No. 2  Spring 2006

Also Ran!   Jim Barton
At Ji Gate   Gao Shi | Translated by Mark Francis
At the Grave of Robert Frost   Steffen Horstmann | Listen
Blissful Bondage   Frank De Canio | Listen
The Boasts of Vivienne   James Feichthaler
Burglary!   Guy Belleranti
The Castle by the Sea   Ludwig Uhland | Translated by Terese Coe
The Celestial Grapevine   Bruce Boston
The Coach   F.J. Smoak
A Cynic's Valentine   Lee Evans | Listen
Dead Man's Gold   F.J. Smoak
Deerstalker   Leland Jamieson
Every Citizen's Duty   C.B. Anderson
Eve's Garden   Thomas Ország-Land
Evolution   Lee Slonimsky
Few Words   Jim Barton
Future of Love   Francine L. Trevens
Ghazal of the Present Moment   Steffen Horstmann | Listen
Gleam   Lee Slonimsky
Godolin's Remains   C.A. Gardner
Hermit's Longevity?   Leland Jamieson
Imagination's End   Michael O'Hollern
In a Palace of Stone   Bruce Boston
It's Raining   M.L. McCarthy
Legacy   Mark Rhoads
Limerick   Millicent Brower
The March to Longxi   Chen Tao | Translated by Mark Francis
Midnight Advice   William Walden
Modern Bride   Pete Lee
Neither Master Nor Maker   Francine L. Trevens
No Sleep Tonight   Kevin Ian Dutton
November Sunset: Nocton Fen   M.L. McCarthy
On the Border   Wang Changling | Translated by Mark Francis
Opus 125   Phillip A. Ellis
Our Miscarriage   Damien Stednitz
Our Valley   Lee Slonimsky
Pavement Incident   William Walden
Plaza Del Ottorio: March 21, 200-   Lee Slonimsky
Prenuptial   C.B. Anderson
Pythagoras's Fire and Ash   Lee Slonimsky
Remnants of Song   Steffen Horstmann | Listen
Rotten Day   John Hayes
Rotten Retrieval   Guy Belleranti
Savored Dream   John Hayes
Scheduling Amnesia   Jack Conway
Searching for a Leader   C.B. Anderson
Sleep   Stanley P. Anderson
Sonnet   Elizabeth J. Coleman | Listen
The Tease   Gerald So
Thinking of My Younger Brothers on a Moonlit Night   Du Fu | Translated by Mark
To Matilda Dale Millard   M.L. McCarthy
What to Do for Stomach Flu   Mark Rhoads
Youth   Thomas Ország-Land


A Patio of Poems for Grown-ups by Francine L. Trevens   Millicent Brower
A Patio of Poems for Grown-ups by Francine L. Trevens   Oke Mbachu

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