Vol. 2  No. 4  Fall 2005


C.B. ANDERSON began writing poems less than two years ago, at age 54. His
work has appeared in The Lyric, Iambs & Trochees, Sahara, The Chaffin Journal,
Romantics Quarterly and other journals. For twenty years he has been the
gardener for the PBS television series, The Victory Garden.

GUY BELLERANTI creates fiction, poetry and puzzles from the hell heat of
southern Arizona. His work has appeared in many publications, including The
Eternal Night, Futures Mysterious Anthology, The Saturday Evening Post and
Dana Literary Society and Capper’s. His homepage on the web is: http://www.

BRUCE BOSTON'S writing has received a record seven Rhysling Awards, a record
five Asimov's Readers' Choice Awards, the Bram Stoker Award, a Pushcart Prize,
and the Grand Master Award of the Science Fiction Poetry Association. He is the
author of forty books and chapbooks, most recently the humorous collection
Etiquette with Your Robot Wife (Talisman, 2005). His collection Flashing the Dark:
Forty Short Fictions is forthcoming from Sam's Dot Publishing. He lives in Ocala,
Florida (City of Trees) with his wife, writer-artist Marge Simon. For more
information, please visit his website http://hometown.aol.com/bruboston.

BOB CREW is an English poet based in Hampstead Garden Suburb in North
London. He is published in Britain, the US and Australia, and he has a book of
Sea Poems in the bookstalls currently, co-published by Sheridan House in New
York and Seafarer Books in the UK. In addition to contemporary rhyme, he
writes blank verse, free verse and verse that functions purely as metaphor, all
exploring a wide range of very different psychological, emotional, metaphysical,
philosophical, sexual, social, cultural, maritime and international matters. A
graduate of the University of London, he has a bachelors and a masters degree
in English Literature.

DU MU owes his lasting reputation as a major figure of the Golden Age of
Chinese poetry, that of the Tang dynasty (618-907), primarily to his many
quatrains. Always elegant of flow and often striking in imagery and wordplay, the
most well-known of these sketch romantic situations or experiences of
wandering—amply accompanied by wine—among historically poignant sites. Many
of Du Mu’s mature pieces, however, resonate with the theme of reconciliation to
life’s pains and regrets.

PHILLIP A. ELLIS is currently studying English at the University of New England,
Australia. He hopes to obtain honors in his BA. He lives with neither partners nor

LEE EVANS was born in 1950 in Annapolis, Maryland, and has resided in that
state all his life. He has been married for twenty one years, and is employed at
the Maryland State Archives. Besides the writing of poetry, his interests include
the American Transcendentalists, the English Romantics, philosophy and Eastern
Religion. He has had poems published in Romantics Quarterly, Blind Man's
Rainbow, Lucid Moon and on the Poetseers and Ellopos web sites. The Maryland
State Archives has published several of his poems in its monthly newsletter, The
Archivist's Bulldog.

MICHAEL FANTINA has had dozens of poems published over the past two
decades both here in the US and in the UK. His verse has appeared in The Lyric,
Candelabrum, Romantics Quarterly, The Book of Eibon and many others.

JAMES FEICHTHALER is a poet with a love for nature, Celtic Literature and the
Classics, and his work has recently appeared in magazines and journals such as
Romantics Quarterly and the Eclectic Muse. He also recently received honorable
mention in the "World Order of Narrative Poets Contest" for the Coleridge Award.

MARK FRANCIS publishes translations of classical Chinese verse as well as
original poems in university publications and the small press. He holds a Ph.D. in
Chinese from Stanford University, and has taught Chinese language and literary
culture in the U.S. and abroad for the last 12 years.

JOHN HAYES is a playwright and actor. John appeared on Homicide as a scurvy
looking corpse. Dead Blue Eyes, Penny Dreadful, Flesh and Blood, BareBone,
Blood Lust, Baltimore Review, Kopfhalter and others have published his bloody

LELAND JAMIESON (East Hampton, CT) has gathered a number of his published
formal poems under the title Needles in a Pinewood at www.geocities.
com/lelandjamieson. He has recent or forthcoming work in Bellowing Ark, Blue
Unicorn, Neovictorian /Cochlea and Raintown Review.

WESLEY LAMBERT'S prose and poetry have appeared in numerous online or print
publications, such as: Paradox, Dragons, Knights, and Angels, Amazing Journeys,
Astropoetica, Aoife's Kiss, Hadrosaur Tales, Book of Dark Wisdom, KidVisions,
Kenoma, and The 2005 Rhysling Anthology, among others. Recent work appears
in Tales of the Talisman, Night to Dawn, and From the Asylum: Year Two. Mr.
Lambert lives and works in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains, in
Tennessee. Please visit his web site for more information. He welcomes
comments at: http://staroad.blogspot.com.

STEVEN MAYOFF is a writer living on Prince Edward Island, Canada. His work has
appeared in various print and online journals, most recently Terrain.org and The
Dublin Quarterly. Check out Steven's music at http://www.icompositions.

THOMAS ORSZÁG-LAND is a poet and foreign correspondent who writes from
Budapest for The Guardian/Observer News Service and The Times Literary
Supplement in London. He has published six books of verse, mostly rhyming.

VI RANSEL writes, "After a childhood spent in rural Pennsylvania and seven
interminable years on Long Island, I lived in Greenwich Village for 24 years. I
stopped writing poetry in the late Seventies. After leaving NYC in 1999 I now live
in Central New York. With the advent of 'Viet Nam II' in Iraq, the deja vu was
just too much and all those dormant Sixties sentiments decided that 'Yes,' I
would begin to write poetry again. Now I try to devote as much of my time as
possible to it."

MARIA ANCA RANTA is a full-time college student in Lugano, Switzerland. She is
in her first year studying International Relations.

MARK RHOADS is a professor at Bethel University in St. Paul, Minnesota where
he teaches sacred music and music education. He is a hymnwriter and his
scholarly interests include early American hymnody and the musical taste wars in
the American Protestant church during the first half of the 19th century. His
Anthology of the American Hymn-Tune Repertory: The Colonial Era to the Civil
War and several of his hymns can be seen at http://www.bethel.edu/~rhomar.
He and his wife have three grown daughters and live in Lino Lakes, Minnesota.

LEE SLONIMSKY'S poems have been published recently in Blue Unicorn, The
Cape Rock, The Classical Outlook, Connecticut River Review, Green Hills Literary
Lantern, Home Planet News, Iambs & Trochees, and The Lyric. "Nora's
Seventeenth Birthday Sonnet" will be included in his second collection, Money
and Light, forthcoming from SRLR Press of Austin, TX later this fall. Lee is the
manager of a hedge fund, Ocean Partners LP, and also teaches poetry writing at
The Writer's Voice of the West Side Y.

GERALD SO holds a Master's in Creative Writing from Queens College/CUNY. His
poetry appears in recent issues of My Favorite Bullet, Zygote in My Coffee, and
the Lunatic Chameleon web site. His work is upcoming in Nerve Cowboy,
Defenestration, and remark.. Visit his weblog at http://geraldso.blogspot.com/.

FRANCINE L. TREVENS has been writing—and selling—poetry for over 50 years.
Most recently her poems have appeared in Futures, Bibliophilos, Dovetail,
Sensations and online at Dana Literary. She is a native New Yorker who suffered
transplantation to “Messy Choose-its” in her childhood and didn't blossom again
until her return to New York. Having developed an appreciation of history, she
can now call her adoptive state Massachusetts, and even like parts of it. But her
nature, temperament and interests are as much a part of NYC as the throb of its
subways. After years as a theatre critic, director, publicist and playwright, she
has “retired” to write poems and stories.

WILLIAM WALDEN worked in the editorial department of The New Yorker for
many years, and left it to free-lance. He has lived all his life in New York City,
except for a 2 1/2-year stint in the Army and a 7-year residence on Long Island,
from both of which he has fully recovered.

REBECCA WARREN is 27 and lives in Solihull, England. She has had a number of
poems and short stories published in magazines, including Raw Edge, Aesthetica
and Coffee House Poetry. She is currently working on a novel.

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