Vol. 2  No. 4  Fall 2005

Above Lake Pocotopaug   Leland Jamieson
Autumn   Francine L. Trevens
Bar Island   Lee Evans
Birthday Cake   Mark Rhoads
Blue Danube   Thomas Ország-Land
Bottled Up   C.B. Anderson
The Calendar: A Roscoe, NY Sonnet   Lee Slonimsky
Celtic Girl   Michael Fantina
Crossed   C.B. Anderson
The Death of Father Christmas   Bob Crew
Drips   John Hayes
Eclipse   Michael Fantina
Effective   William Walden
Electoral Post Mortem   Vi Ransel
Eternity   Lee Slonimsky
Extinction   Francine L. Trevens
Handicap   Leland Jamieson
The Haunted March   Michael Fantina
I Wonder   Francine L. Trevens
In the Night at the Start of Winter   Du Mu | Translated by Mark Francis
The Last Supper   Guy Belleranti
The Lion Tamer   Thomas Ország-Land
Maiming Virtue   Francine L. Trevens
My First Love   Gerald So
Nora's Seventeenth Birthday Sonnet   Lee Slonimsky
Not That I'm Bitter   Rebecca Warren
On the Storm   Michael Fantina
Our Cat Died   Mark Rhoads
The Owl and the Mouse   Mark Rhoads
A Plate of Christmas Meat   Bob Crew
Poetic Justice   Rebecca Warren
Poetry Workshop, 1589   Lee Slonimsky
Political Epigram   Phillip A. Ellis
Roses   Michael Fantina
The Rousing   Wesley Lambert
Secret of a Bug-Eyed Monster   Bruce Boston
Self-Appraisal   William Walden
Sermon at Quogue, NY   Lee Slonimsky
Shortcut   William Walden
Sighting Pileated Woodpeckers   Leland Jamieson
Smoke   C.B. Anderson
A Sprig of Christmas Holly   Bob Crew
Tissue Issues   C.B. Anderson
To the Beloved   Phillip A. Ellis
Untitled   Maria Anca Ranta
Waxwing, Turkey, Dove   Leland Jamieson
The White Swan   James Feichthaler
The Whole Story   Steven Mayoff | Listen
Why I Dropped Drama   Gerald So
Work's End   Phillip A. Ellis
Written in the Monastery Yard After Getting Drunk   Du Mu | Translated by Mark

Contemporary Rhyme