Vol. 2  No. 3  Summer 2005

About Face   Kendall Messner
The Adulterer   Allen Lee Ireland
The Artist   Laura Heidy
Ask the Dolphin   Allen Lee Ireland
Calendar Rules   C.B. Anderson
Cleaning House   Gerald So
Daybreak Nets the Artist's Work   Leland Jamieson
Florence: Falling in Love with the Sonnet   Lee Slonimsky
Graying Catbird—Singing   Leland Jamieson
Greystroke   Jim Barton
Independence Day   Lee Evans
Invasion   Francine L. Trevens
Isis in Starbucks   Michael Fantina
It's the Time for It   Richard Moore
Judicium   Laura Heidy
Little Luscious Lovely Fey   Michael Fantina
Longevity   Francine L. Trevens
Loss   Francine L. Trevens
A Martian Villanelle   Samantha Henderson
Matthew 10:29-31   Laura Heidy
The Misogynist's Love Poem   Richard Moore
Modern Greek   George Norman
Mood on a Park Bench   Lee Slonimsky
Oak Pond from Hedge Hill   Lee Slonimsky
Ode to Carmen & Her Crown   Comateta M. Clifton
One   Lee Slonimsky
Option   William Walden
Ozymandias Returns from a Supermarket Sale   Richard Moore
Panacea   C.B. Anderson
Paris Notre Dame   John Nimmo
Pythagoras in Half   Lee Slonimsky
Rapture in the Sun   Leland Jamieson
Reflection on Strolling Through the Park   Richard Moore
Reunion   John Nimmo
Riches Haven't Changed Her   Peter Austin
Sinking Sensation   Guy Belleranti
Summer Bath   John Hayes
Taking Part   Peter Austin
This Sorceress   Michael Fantina
To All the Boys   Laura Heidy
To My Daughter's Lifelong Schizophrenic Lover Who, Not Knowing Her Address,
Keeps Writing to Her, Care of Me   Richard Moore
Treasure   William Walden
Tree, a Penny...?   Leland Jamieson
Upgraded   William Walden
Upward Mobility   C.B. Anderson
The Werecat's Lover   Bruce Boston


Sailing to Oblivion by Richard Moore   Lee Slonimsky

Contemporary Rhyme