Vol. 2  No. 1  Winter 2005

Baby's Breath   Comateta M. Clifton
Coffin Will Cure What Ails You   Richard Moore
Count the Ways   C.B. Anderson
Devastation   Francine L. Trevens
The Double Vision of Myrddin   James Feichthaler
Dusk's Enchantment   Randall Vyctoria Warwick
Epigrams, I   Mark S. Bauer
Executive Privilege   Lee Evans
A Falling Radish   Gene Fehler
The Fox and the Sour Grapes   Christopher Mulrooney
The Glimpse   Richard Moore
How Quaint   Mark S. Bauer
Imperator   Michael Fantina
Initiation into the Poetic Experience   Gene Fehler
Kaylene   Michael Fantina
Love and Suspicion   Richard Moore
Love-In-Listlessness   M.L. McCarthy
Messiah   Laura Heidy
Monday Morning   C.B. Anderson
Nothing for Something   Richard Moore
Old Age Crept Up   Gene Fehler
On a Planet Known Forever   Bruce Boston
Ozymandias, III   Mark S. Bauer
Pity Clarity   Michael Burch
Poetry's Proof   Francine L. Trevens
Power Supply   David Blaine
Rildix Falls   C.A. Gardner
The Spider's Named Penelope   Laura Heidy
Sunset   Michael Burch
La Trobairitz a la Dame de S'amie.   C.A. Gardner
Unexpected Company   Michele Harvey
The Virgin Vine and the Ivy   M.L. McCarthy
Warrior's Love   James Feichthaler
Weekend Warrior   Mark S. Bauer
Woman of the Year   C.B. Anderson
Wondering   John Hayes
The World Lost Well   Christopher Mulrooney
You Never Listened   Michael Burch

Contemporary Rhyme