Vol. 1  No. 3  Fall 2004


KELLI DUNLAP (otherwise known as the HorrorWench) spends her time behind
the scenes of http://horror-web.com as the owner/webmaster/editor. Offline you
can find her in cannibal central, er Wisconsin, with her husband and two children.

PHILLIP A. ELLIS is currently finishing off a Bachelor of Arts degree, while trying
to live on a disability pension, due to his schizophrenia. He is also working on a
book about the poetic circle of H. P. Lovecraft, and has been writing small papers
on Clark Ashton Smith, among others. He hopes to find true love, or, at the least,
a place that will allow him a pet cat.

MICHAEL FANTINA has had dozens of poems published over the past two
decades both here in the US and in the UK. His verse has appeared in The Lyric,
Candelabrum, Romantics Quarterly, The Book of Eibon and many others.

ZOHAR A GOODMAN is equally inspired by Kerouac & Kabbalah, Dickenson &
Dharma, and writes rhyming poetry plus story/novella-poems in Cleveland, Ohio.
He's sold stories to Twilight Zone Magazine, New Genre, TransVersions,
Forbidden Texts, Raging Horrormoans, Scared Naked and other speculative
publications, but has quit writing prose to devote all his creative energy to poetry.

JOHN HAYES is a playwright and actor. His last stage performance was as Al
Lewis in The Sunshine Boys. He has appeared on Homicide as a scurvy corpse.
He is currently exhibiting sculpture at the Liriodendron Gallery. He has previously
published in such magazines and anthologies as Dead Blue Eyes, The MacGuffin,
Carleton Arts Review, Lynx Eye, Flesh and Blood, and Baltimore Review.

T.K. KOMURA is currently enrolled in a Ph.D. program in English Literature at the
University of Michigan, having completed an MFA degree at Cornell University in
2002. T.K.'s work has appeared in several publications (Offerings, Three Cup
Morning, Poetic Hours among others), and T.K.'s previous awards include the
Corson-Bishop (2002) and Alexander Laing Memorial (1998) awards.

WESLEY LAMBERT'S prose and poetry have appeared in numerous online and
print publications, including: Paradox, Scifaikuest, Kidvisions, Astropoetica,
Neverary, Naked Snake Online, Flashshot, Flash Fantastic, Outer Darkness,
Decompositions, Sidereality, Dragons, Knights, and Angels, AlienSkin,
Anotherealm.com and Between Kisses, among others. Look for a story in the Jan.
2005 issue of Beyond Centauri. He welcomes feedback at: Socialcons1@aol.com.

MARK ORR lives near Nashville, Tennessee, USA, with one wife and three
adolescent daughters. He is a graduate of the University of Tennessee, with a
Bachelor's Degree in History. Orr is the former editor of the online magazine
Miscellaneous Ramblings, and former Senior Mystery Editor of Futures Mysterious
Anthology Magazine. His stories, poems, essays and reviews have appeared in
Inscriptions, The Time Garden, The Murder Hole, AlienSkin, Nevermore
Magazine, Cyber-Pulp Magazine, Ultra!, Sinisteria and Futures, and several
anthologies published by Cyber-Pulp. His so-far unpublished novel, Dead Women
in Love, is in the capable hands of an agent. He pays his bills by working with
disabled and visually impaired students at the Tennessee Rehabilitation Center in
his hometown.

MARIA RANTA lives in Troy, Michigan, and is a senior at Troy High School. She
hopes to continue her studies at a university on the East Coast.

J SPENCER SCHUMACHER is a writer, poet and independent film-maker who has
been writing and publishing his work for over fifteen years. He has had poetry
and short stories published in highly esteemed periodicals such as The Altered
Mind, Black October, Half Truth, Impetuous, Industrial Nation, Spaz, and World of
Fandom among others.

LEE SLONIMSKY'S poems have been published or are forthcoming in Blue
Unicorn, Connecticut Review, Iambs & Trochees, The Lyric, The New York Times,
Phi Kappa Phi Forum and Poetry New York, and have received three Pushcart
Prize nominations, most recently by the poet Daniel Hoffman. His first collection,
Talk Between Leaf and Skin, was published in 2002 by SRLR PRESS of Austin,
Texas, and a second collection, Money and Light, is forthcoming from the same
press late next year. He is the manager of a hedge fund, Ocean Partners LP, and
also teaches poetry writing at The Writer's Voice of the West Side Y in Manhattan.

FRANCINE L. TREVENS has been writing--and selling--poetry for over 50 years.
Most recently her poems have appeared in Futures, Bibliophilos, Dovetail,
Sensations and online at Dana Literary. She is a native New Yorker who suffered
transplantation to “Messy Choose-its” in her childhood and didn't blossom again
until her return to New York. Having developed an appreciation of history, she
can now call her adoptive state Massachusetts, and even like parts of it. But her
nature, temperament and interests are as much a part of NYC as the throb of its
subways. After years as a theatre critic, director, publicist and playwright, she
has “retired” to write poems and stories.

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