Vol. 1  No. 3  Fall 2004

...And Many More!   Mark Orr
At Dusk   Michael Fantina
The Body   Kelli Dunlap
Colby Longhorn and Monterey Jack   Mark Orr
Definitely Emily   Zohar A Goodman
Discards   Mark Orr
Dividends   Francine L. Trevens
Eschatology   Michael Fantina
Haiku   Zohar A Goodman
Happy Retirement   Francine L. Trevens
Interpreted by Pythagoras   Lee Slonimsky
Keats Writes to Fanny Brawne from the Clouds   Lee Slonimsky
Letter to Whitman   Lee Slonimsky
Love   Maria Ranta
Opus 175   Phillip A. Ellis
The Peddler   John Hayes
Scottish Lament   Wesley Lambert
Seeking Flame   T.K. Komura
She   Michael Fantina
Soul Turns Gray   J Spencer Schumacher
The Square Root of Wind   Lee Slonimsky
Storm Passing Over Woods   Lee Slonimsky
White Homecoming on the Green   T.K. Komura


Fatal Women by Kevin Roberts   Michael Fantina

Contemporary Rhyme