Vol. 1  No. 2  Summer 2004

After the Party   Richard Moore
All's Right with the Flight   Richard Moore
Dances with Daffodils   Ann K. Schwader
A Footnote to Sartre on Absence   M.L. McCarthy
For Ishtar   Michael Fantina
For Sigmund Freud: A Hard Diagnosis   Richard Moore
Friday Night   David Anthony Fill
Gifts   Michael Fantina
In Willowwood   Ann K. Schwader
The Last Digit of Pi   Lee Slonimsky
Last Dry Year   Bruce Boston
Log   John Hayes
Lovers   John Hayes
Moonmissing   R.F. Tripp
Night in the Rajput Palace   M.L. McCarthy
On Some American Poets   J. Patrick Lewis
On Ulysses' Gaze   Jacie Ragan
Preserving Time   Jacie Ragan
Pythagoras Counts Toward the End   Lee Slonimsky
Reconciliation Attempt   John Hayes
Residue of Days   Jacie Ragan
Sex in Its Place   Richard Moore
Snow and a Private Affair   Robert Wooten
The Spider Eating Bee   R.F. Tripp
Sunflower House   Ann K. Schwader
Telephone Chat   J. Patrick Lewis
Things to Do with Your Mice   R.F. Tripp
To an Expert in the Field Who Subscribed to More than a Hundred
Poetry Magazines   Richard Moore
University Ruin   Michael Fantina
Vampire Queen   Michael Fantina
Watch of Nightingales   Jacie Ragan

Contemporary Rhyme