Vol. 1  No. 1  Spring 2004

All Things Fall   J.D. Heskin
At The Grave Of A Small Girl   Norma Bates
The Ball   Michael Fantina
The Composition Of Shadows (II)   Michael R. Burch
A Good Man's Wife   J.D. Heskin
Holding Onto Winter   Jacie Ragan
The Innocence Of Blood   Ann K. Schwader
Love And Time   M.L. McCarthy
Merry Christmas!   Robert Wooten
Moonrise   Michael Fantina
On This Last Night Of Voices   Ann K. Schwader
The Other Shoe   Ann K. Schwader
Princess of The Fey   Michael Fantina
Prints Cluttering The Attic   Jacie Ragan
Protest Poem   J.D. Heskin
Stonehenge Revisited   Bruce Boston
To Simone De Beauvoir   M.L. McCarthy
We Weave Our Own Nests   Jacie Ragan

Contemporary Rhyme